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introducing alfred-ticker

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An Alfred workflow to show stock information from Yahoo Finance using an unofficial API




Setting up



- Alfred with Powerpack license
- Python3 (howto here)
- API key (sign up for an API key here. A free plan allows 500 requests/month) 

1. Download the most recent release) of `alfred-ticker` from Github and double-click to install
2. Get your API key
3. In Alfred, open the 'Configure Workflow and Variables' window in `alfred-ticker` preferences
    - set the `API_KEY` variable to the API key retrieved in Step 2
    - Optional: set the emoji you want to show when the ticker is down (`SYMBOL_DOWN`, default: ⬇️) or up (`SYMBOL_UP`, default: ⬆️)
    - Optional: set your watch list variable `WATCHLIST` (comma-separated list of ticker symbols)
4. Optional: Setup a hotkey to launch alfred-ticker
5. Optional: Change the keyword to launch alfred-ticker (currently set to `!t`)

Basic Usage 

Check your watchlist by typing your keyword or using your hotkey...



...or type stock symbols separated by comma

Pressing Enter will open the stock page on Yahoo Finance.



- Dean Jackson @deanishe and Vitor Galvão @vitor for their incredible help on here. 

- Icon by Iconka from icon-icons.com




- 02-04-2022: version 0.1


Feedback welcome! If you notice a bug, or have ideas for new features, please feel free to get in touch either here, or on Github. 


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