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How to format a link (text + URL) so that it does not paste with an extra new line at the end

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Proverbially pulling my hair on this one: With a URL in the clipboard, I want an Alfred Workflow that pastes a link in Google Docs. More specifically, I want a static text to be used as the ~"body", the text should be clickable and clicking on it should open the URL. A basic link. I created a workflow that uses rich text formatting. And it works but when pasting in Google Docs, it adds a new line at the end. It could be that this is the way Google Docs treats incoming rich text from the clipboard. So, I'm wondering if I shouldn't use HTML instead. But I don't know how to make it so that Alfred pastes a link, not raw HTML.

When I copy a link from a webpage, and paste it into Google Docs, it does not add a new line. 

What are my next steps here? How can I make this work?






$ cat snippet1.rtf
\cocoatextscaling0\cocoaplatform0{\fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica;}

\f0\fs29 \cf0 [{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "URL_TO_REPLACE"}}{\fldrslt Asana}}]}%

What other elements would you need to help me break through?


Thanks a million in advance. Long time user, first time poster :) Love Alfred and the community. Thanks for all your workflows, people!!

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26 minutes ago, giovanni said:

Hi @Pierre,

Welcome! Have you tried to interpose (before pasting) a Replace utility replacing /n  with nothing, or space? 




Thank you!

I just tried this and, unfortunately, the problem persists. It's as if Google Docs reads the clipboard, perceives an indication of "rich text" and adds a new line no matter what.

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Wow, thank you so much for putting this together. This is incredible.

However, it still adds a new line after pasting 🥺

Does it not for you when you use it with google docs? The problem isn't with my google account, I tried two. Does this occur when you try it?

The problem does not occur in Pages nor TextEdit... Could it be a Google Docs idiosyncratic thing?

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