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Alfred workflow - is this possible? Initiate to share anything from Mac OS into a specific app on an iPhone ?

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I have this scenario currently:
I use a secure messaging app on iPhone a lot.
I find myself having to share things into that messaging app from diverse sources for example:
- iOS music app, current title playing,
- iOS Safari weblink
- iOS last taken screenshot
- iOS last taken photo
- Mac OS file
- Mac OS Safari weblink
- Mac OS screenshot

I find the current workflow of having to jump hoops to share anything from Mac OS to iOS extremely cumbersome (right click, share menu, AirDrop, wake up phone, then having to actually repeat the share process and share it into the secure messaging app, … )
This is very cumbersome if done regularly

What I see is ideally a workflow that will:
- invoke an Alfred Workflow simply by opening Alfred, typing "share"
- choosing perhaps one of a few options like (share to iPhone, share to iPhone messaging app, … the list would be editable and essentially replacing the cumbersome mouse only invoked Mac OS share context menu which I dislike so much)
- the workflow then shares the content say to my iPhone and invokes automatically the iOS share menu with the correct app already pre-chosen

This way I could research content on my Mac which is way more efficient then doing on the phone but can quickly share the content with the iOS based secure messaging app.

Is this possible?

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