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Alias Homebrew Apps — Create shortcuts to Homebrew formula app bundles

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Apps built via Homebrew formulae are nested deep in the Cellar and not indexed by Spotlight (and thus Alfred). This Workflow takes care of that.

Set up the formulae Workflow Environment Variable as a comma-separated list of formula names. Run brewalias and app bundles found under those will be aliased into your Applications directory, allowing them to be indexed and invoked like other apps.


Make formulae empty to create aliases for all app bundles under your Homebrew Cellar. This may add more than you want.

The applications_dir Workflow Environment Variable sets the directory to save the aliases to, like /Applications or ~/Applications.

You can run the Workflow from a Terminal via the External Trigger. The simplest way is to define an alias in your shell’s startup files:


alias brewalias='/usr/bin/osascript -e "tell application id \"com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred\" to run trigger \"build\" in workflow \"com.alfredapp.aliashomebrewapps\""'

Then executing brewalias in a Terminal will run the Workflow.


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Hi Vitor, thank you for your awesome workflow! When using it, I encountered some problems and wonder if you could help a fix.


I compiled emacs from scratch using `homebrew install --HEAD emacs-mac`, and ran your shortcut. This is what I see.




I'm not sure why the prefix is `/System/Volums/Data/`?

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