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Running one Workflow from another

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I am sorry if I have missed the answer to this - I honestly have tried looking.


I don't want to return results or pass variables. I simply want, from my "startheday" workflow, to run the bn command for the Bear workflow by Dr. Grib. I have tried using Action in Alfred, Open URL with the internal URL for the app, and copying in what I thought might be needed from Dr. Grib's workflow, but none of those worked... Quite obviously I am not a power-user. :(


Shouldn't one workflow be able to call another? If so, what Action do I use? I feel so stupid...


Thank you!



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Thank you so much, @vitor! That is what I was looking for... I have one more question, however. Is there a way to include the "enter" at the end of the show alfred? or does hide alfred include an "enter"? I will give it a shot. 


Thank you so much again!



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21 hours ago, JustKristin said:

Is there a way to include the "enter" at the end of the show alfred?


Connect a Dispatch Key Combo to your trigger. Make sure it’s positioned below the Show Alfred on the canvas.


A more proper way would be for the original Workflow to have an External Trigger, but you’d have to ask the developer to add it.

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