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"popping" out a coupon from a list

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Good morning! 

I have a list of coupon codes.

I'd like a workflow that pops the first one and outputs it (of course deleting it from the list)


something like: I'm writing an email and I type ".coupon" and I have in my email the actual coupon pasted, and that one is no longer in my list of available coupon


which is the shortest way to accomplish this?



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On 7/20/2022 at 11:25 AM, giovanni said:

put the complete path to your coupon file in the myCouponFile Environment Variable


That’s the perfect use case for a File Picker User Configuration. Without changing anything in the Workflow itself, you can delete the Workflow Environment Variable and make this config:




Which yields:



Allowing to pick the coupon file though a macOS file dialog.

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