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Safari active "tabs"

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Hi everyone!

Yesterday I made this workflow looking forward to mimic the TabCopy (http://tabcopy.com) extension from Chrome in Safari using Alfred; the workflow puts the link from Safari's active tab in the clipboard and pastes at cursor as text, and it works great!


The thing is I cannot figure out how to copy all the tabs at the same time. I would think that maybe using some recursive/iterative magic could do the job or maybe there is a function that does this easier/faster.


Here is the working workflow to copy 1 active tab:

on alfred_script(q)
tell application "Safari"
	set theName to name of front document
	set theUrl to URL of front document

	return theName & ": " & theUrl
end tell
end alfred_script


And I also attached a screenshot of the workflow objects.


Thanks in advance!

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 15.57.01.png

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 15.57.07.png

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That looks great, I didn't knew the new stuff in Alfred 5!

It works great, but I'm lacking one thing from the AppleScript: not being able to change the Output format cause the Automation is limited to 4 options:

- Title


- Title 'TAB' URL

- URL 'TAB' Title


In the AppleScript I can use whatever I want… I have been using Title: URL or using the Markdown syntax [Title](URL)

Maybe using some of the Utilities (I tried the Join Args), but I'm not being able to do it neither.

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