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Bear Workflow to Append to notes

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I'm creating an Alfred Workflow to allow me to add a line to a note. As an example:
A note with the tag #books-to-read
- Getting search results with the #books-to-read
- Append {query} to the note selected.
I have managed to create an append by running a bash script with the title of a specific note. However, my goal is to filter and show specific tags and notes under it, then append the text based on the user's selection. Consider this example:
- User starts workflow;
- User see a list of an tag (lets says "#running-notes")
-User select the "Books" Note
- User types {query} to be append to the note "Books" under "#running-notes".
Here is the code I'm using to append, right now:
open "bear://x-callback-url/add-text?title=Books&selected=no&mode=append&new_line=yes&open_note=no&exclude_trashed=yes&new_window=no&show_window=no&edit=yes&timestamp=no&clipboard=no&text=%0A%0A%3E%20($(query}%3A%20 ${title} %20%0A%3E%20Added on: ${dateap} @ ${timeap}"
Does anyone have a clue on how that can be done?
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I'm probably wrong, but couldn't see that working. 

since each note has a 'template', the URL would be something like 


open "bear://xcallback-url/add-text?title={arg from filterlist}&tag={the tag relative to arg from filter list}&text={query} on: ${dateap} @ ${timeap}



If I choose "books" from List Filter, I should have an URL with  title=Books and tag=books. 

But Filter List only allow me to pass 1 parameter per option, right? 


I think I'm going to end up in a need of a script. 

and back do scratch to learn how to do it. .. 

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