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Copy multiple unique items, then paste those items

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Hello all


This is probably super simple for the experts here, but I've had a search here (and within Alfred) and can't find the solution.


I need to copy two text fields (from within my calendar programme : BusyCal), then move across to a web-based invoicing app (Xero), and paste those 2 text fields into 2 different places within the invoicing app.


The two fields I need to copy are :


Field A.  an address, comprising 3 lines of text 

Field B.  an email address


Ultimately, I'd like to have it work like this: 


In calendar app:

1. Select the text of Field A, and press F5 to allocate the copy of that text to F5

2. Select the text of Field B, and press F6 to allocate the copy of that text to F6


In web-based invoicing app:

3. Position the cursor at the relevant place, and press Control (or another modifier key) + F5 to paste the contents of Field A

4. Position the cursor at the next relevant place, and press Control (or another modifier key) + F6 to paste the contents of Field B


Is this possible?









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Hmm - thanks guys! I'll check those options out. Ideally, given I'm only copying 2 fields (and then pasting them immediately), I'd like as efficient a copying & pasting method as possible - so don't really want to be selecting from a list - which is what I think how Alfred's 'clipboard history' works. 

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Then do check Sequential Paste. You need Clipboard History turned on, but then you just do: Copy, Copy, Paste (with the special shortcut), Paste (with the special shortcut). Only thing you have to be mindful of is that pasting occurs in the opposite order of your copy (last copied item pastes first).

Or, I’ve made you a workflow which on pressing the Hotkey pastes the next to last item, presses tab (to switch to the other field) then pastes the most recent item.

Do give it a look if you need to tweak, it’s entirely done without code. For an interactive tutorial on making a workflow, see the Getting Started Guide.

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Hmm - after importing it into Alfred, I open it (and get a workflow diagram) - at the left hand end is a 'bubble' labelled 'hotkey' - so I set Control + F5 to that - and then went to an app (TextEdit) and typed 2 lines of text :






I selected TestA the copied it using Command+C, then did the same with TestB. I then placed the cursor on a black line in TextEdit, and pressed Control + F5 - and it seemed to paste some black space...


Am not sure what I'm doing wrong - but I'll check the guide tomorrow (it's later here in New Zealand!).

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As explained, it’s pressing the tab key. Don’t try it in random places, try it it the real target.


That second workflow assumes the textfields are one tab away from each other. If they’re not, edit it (every object has an explanatory note) or use Sequential Paste.

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