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Open Safari in fullscreen if not running and active only if is running

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Hey there


I try to make my first workflow.


Issue is simple. I would like to press hotkey and open safari.

But if safari is not running app then open safari and make fullscreen

If safari is running app then just activate the safari


But if i use equal to and not equal to, then it cannot decide and every time is using only one way branch.


Anybody can help ?

Screenshot_2022-12-30 10.45.59_7qtPME.png

Screenshot_2022-12-30 10.46.25_bQZ0Cf.png

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You’ve set up the Hotkey to only trigger when Safari is in focus, so it’ll never work if it isn’t running. Plus, the focused app variable is incorrect because it needs to match the bundle identifier of the app, not the name (this is explained in the setting).


What you need to do is set up a Hotkey which works with any app, then use an Automation Task to check if Safari is running (in the macOS group).

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okay solved finally!


Just small change inside conditional box




Now works :


1. If safari is not opened, then open in fulscreen

2. if safari is opened and not active, just move to safari (no change window size, just activate)

3. if safari is actived, do nothing.


If somebody would like to share, please let me know.


Screenshot_2022-12-30 21.02.26_G3meb7.png

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Hey there,


Yesterday i update to MAC OS ventura 13.3 beta and "is app running" stopped working.


Anyhow i will use there : safari, or com.apple.safari or full path "/System/Volumes/Preboot/Cryptexes/App/System/Applications/Safari.app" (in ventura is path changed like this" is not functional.


Dont you know what could be problem ?


If i will bypass "is app running" other commands works correctly.

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