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[Request] Academic databases search workflow

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I'm a user of Ubuntu as well, and I've been impressed by a Unity lens which allows to look into different academic databases (PubMed, JSTor, Google Scholar) directly via a simple search in the Unity Dash.

Even better, you can search in your local Zotero database.




Could it be possible to reproduce this behaviour with an alfred workflow ? It would save me and many others a lot of time.


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How would this work?  Would you want the top hit for the search term(s) from each database?  Or multiple results from each? 



Because you can't see many items in the alfred windows, I'd suggest to add parameters.

If I type :

Academic --> results from all databases sorted by relevance

Academic Jstor --> results from Jstor sorted by relevance

Academic Zotero --> results from Zotero sorted by relevance

Academic Cairn --> same thing here




But I'm not a developper, so there may be drawbacks to this way of thinking. For example, querying all databases should add some delay, but I don't know how much. In the linux version, the delay is bearable.


Thanks for answering.



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