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Alfred 5 - macOS Permissions not being granted

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I am a system administrator who has recently deployed Alfred 5 to about 100 Mac users. Most are on macOS Ventura. A handful are still on macOS Monterey. We just purchased a powerpak for our enterprise.


The application deploys/installs just fine. But during the setup process, users are prompted for permissions that the application requires (see screenshot)

Along with the application, we have deployed a PPPC (Configuration profile) that automatically grants those permissions - are users are not admins of their machines. 


The permissions are not being granted. At all. When we click the button to take us to system preferences, Alfred is not even appearing in the list to toggle on/off. I have attached a screenshot of my "Accessibility" tab of Privacy & Security. You'll notice that Alfred does not even appear as an option to add. 


Is this a known issue? I was not able to find anything in the forum. We need to be able to grant required permissions to our users without manual intervention. 


We are using Alfred 5.0.6 [2110]



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It's not that the settings are "resetting" 


They're not being granted to begin with. Alfred isn't even showing as an option to grant. Alfred asks for "automation" permissions and it's not even an option in System Settings. (see ss below)


We just deployed this app to just under 100 users. It is not feasible for me (IT) to provide admin creds and manually enable permissions for everyone. As you can see below, I cant even provide autmation (terminal) permissions for the app.


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