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URL encode text: why is ' not encoded?

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I have been experimenting with the URL Encode Text Automation Task and am wondering why it does not encode the ' character.


For example, "What's the matter?” is encoded as %22What's%20the%20matter%3F%E2%80%9D.


Sorry if there's some obvious reason which has eluded me!



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Short answer: because encodeURIComponent doesn’t encode ' and a few other characters.

Long answer: see the description section on the MDN page.

Better answer: in this context it should still do the encoding of those characters so I improved the Automation Task. You reported this just before the cutoff for the new release! A new version is now out and full of goodies. There’s a handful of new tasks but the big change is in the ones which were already there: Now, whenever relevant, inputs (such as files and folders) can be configured in the tasks themselves instead of needing to be passed as arguments from the previous object. This greatly simplifies things in the large number of cases where you just want to deal with a single input anyway. Multiple inputs continue to be supported as arguments.

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