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introducing Alfred CensusQuickRef 🧮

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A Workflow to query and make calculations on demographic data. 





Basic Usage 📖

- Launch with keyword (default: !p) or hotkey.
- Enter characters below to subset the total population based on %, age, sex, US state, ancestry. 


Subsets 🔣 (World regions, or individual country)


Slice 🍰
- % percent of the population
- 1: frequency per 100,000


Age 🧙
- nn exact age
- nn+ some age and above
- nn- some age and below
- nn-nn some age range


Other criteria (🇺🇸 only)

Sex ♂️♀️ 
- M male
- F female


US state 🇺🇸
- XX US state abbreviation


Ancestry 👤
- EUR European
- AMR American Indian
- AAA African-American
- ASI Asian

- H Hispanic (can be alone or added to any of the above)



As always, feedback welcome!


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Instead of using flags as they are, which gets them squished, I recommend you pad them so they show rectangular. That’s simple to do with the Automation Task to crop images, by setting it to a square value (equal to the width) then allowing it to extend. Worked like a charm for the world flags. The state flags have something weird about them so padded them with imagemagick.

Padded flags download


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Also noticed: when doing ⌃↩ the text is “Copy this to the clipboard”. It’s not clear what “this” is, as related to ⌘↩ or just ↩. If I search !p ireland 75+ and press ↩, the text suggests it’s related to the USA. Is that the difference? Is ↩ always USA and ⌃↩ the specific one we’re looking at?


This workflow will be available later at https://alfred.app/workflows/giovanni/quickcensus/, but Ideally I’d like to describe the pasting options a bit better.


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