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This workflow enables you to convert:

- kilometres to miles
- miles to kilometres
- feet to metres
- metres to feet
- centimetres to inches
- inches to centimetres
- grams to ounces
- ounces to grams
- kilograms to stones
- stones to kilograms
- Celsius to Fahrenheit
- Fahrenheit to Celsius
- square feet to square metres
- square metres to square feet
- litres to pints
- pints to litres
- UK gallons to litres
- litres to UK gallons

As with all my workflows there are no dependencies. All calculations are made locally (i.e., you do not need an Internet connection for this workflow).

Important notes

  1. Please note that the conversions may not be absolutely precise (because the results are rounded to two decimal places). For example, if you convert 30,000' to metres the result will be 9,144m. However, if you convert 9,144m to feet the result will be 30,001.46'. Treat the conversions with caution accordingly.
  2. When giving the number to convert anything except temperatures you may use comma separators and a decimal point in the number but do not use any letters or other characters. If you do the workflow will produce an error message. When converting temperatures use of the minus sign is allowed.
  3. Purely for convenience specific elements of the workflow dealing with temperature conversions are shown coloured red.
  4. You can start at any of the length, temperature, area, weight or volume list filters simply by typing any of those words into Alfred (in other words, if you know what units you wish to convert you don't have to start at the initial menu).
  5. All menus are set so that Alfred learns the result order based on usage so that frequently used menu items will appear at the top of each menu.

When you type the keyword (the default is cxv but you can change it) you see the following first menu (subject to point 5 above):

Choose the option you want and you will see a second menu—for example:

Note that you can also use the keywords length, temperature, area and weight to go directly to the relevant second menu like this (see point 4 above):

After the relevant conversion you will see a dialog like this:
If you choose to copy the result to the clipboard the entire result will be copied (i.e., in the example, 30°C is 86°F).

Github download link


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1 hour ago, andy4222 said:

Wanted to check what are the different features in this workflow

Both can be downloaded so (as we say in bad English) "you pays your money and takes your choice” (although, of course, you pay nothing for either of them 😀).


It's rather easy to see that:

  • as stated, my workflow has no dependencies—the other uses PHP so if you use that workflow you'll be guided to install PHP if not already installed;
  • the alternative workflow offers many more conversions and a visual abundance of decimal places (compared to the paltry two decimal places of my workflow).

I could continue…but why not do your own research? 🤷‍♂️



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