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When using the Move To or Copy To commands allow us to type the path of a non-existent folder to create it on the fly

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It's often the case that I want to move some files but I haven't yet made the folder structure that it should go inside. It would be so much faster if I could just type this onto the depth of folder that I will get into.


So for example I choose to Move To... command and I'm able to search and then reach my projects folder but I don't just want to put them there I want to put them inside another folder that doesn't exist yet. If I could just type the name of that folder on top of the path I'm already at and hit return that would be super fast and efficient. Even better if you can just keep creating nested folders by adding slashes.

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Those are ok but not as fast as if I could just type multiple directories on top of an existing.


I thinking of something that functions like 


mkdir -p /path/to/my/deep/sub/folder


Where you can give it multiple extra directories and it will make all of those that don't exist. I feel it could be an option we could turn on in default alfred. It would make alfred and amazing quick way to organise your filing system.


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