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Alfred sometimes beachballs when I try to activate him


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  • Alfred 5.1.2 (2145)
  • macOS 13.5 (22G74)


I think I've written in about this a long time ago, but for the life of me I can't find the thread now. So...


I occasionally have a problem where Alfred will hang (beachball) either when clicking on his Hat, or when results are about to be shown in his popup window. The beachball will persist for 15-20 seconds and eventually control will return, but he will beachball again if reactivated.


The conditions to trigger this are not certain, but I am pretty sure this only happens when I am remotely controlling my Mac. I think it could be related to Universal Clipboard, because it seems like what's happening is Alfred is waiting for the OS to respond with the clipboard contents from a remote Mac, which for whatever reason never arrives, so he hangs.


This was happening to me repeatedly a few days ago and I managed to capture 2 spindumps and 2 process samples from Activity Monitor. Below is a screenshot as well.


Not sure if those contain any private info so I'd rather not post them here. Can I send them in via private message etc?



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