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Option to hide the Alfred window on file drag (or make it transparent to mouse and faded)

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Sometimes when dragging files out of Alfred, the Alfred window obscures the destination. 

It would be nice if there was an option to hide the Alfred window on file drag.


Alternatively, a more advanced solution would be this:

When the drag is initiated, the Alfred window becomes transparent to the mouse and its visible opacity is also reduced.  This would allow us to drop the files underneath Alfred.


Thanks for your consideration 😊 

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This would be the SINGLE best feature that the team could add to Alfred. For me the Alfred window obscures the destination almost every single time I drag a file, which is one of the main things I use Alfred for, and I've taken to relying on another app (Yoink) to get around this problem. I see this feature was suggested in 2016 as well: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/8954-transparency-while-dragging-a-file/#comment-44473


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I've just seen this post. I should have searched first. 


My temporary solution is to add the file to the buffer (from where you can drag it) and then press cmd backspace to clear the query and hide most of alfred. But it would be a lot quicker if you could just drag.

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Just to add to the workarounds, whenever I need only one specific file, I simply press ⇥ (the tab key) to autocomplete the full name of the file, which usually leaves me with just the desired item in the file filter. This may require unchecking ⇥ as an option to action the item, though.



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