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Crash whilst using Alfred


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@gingerbeardman I see you're running macOS 12.7 - Could you open Console.app and email the crash log (from the Crash Reports section on the left) to our info@ address.


Alfred 5.1.3 was built with Xcode 15, but we tested on Monterey before releasing. The crash log should give me a point to what's going on with your Mac.


After this, you can revert to 5.1.2 with this link:





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The crash report from Console is already at the pastebin link above :) but i've emailed it just now.


Original filename was: Alfred-2023-09-28-133239.ips


I'll stay on this version to see if it happens again. No worries.



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@gingerbeardman Alfred's updater already works in the way described on that updating_mac_software link.


I'll add an internal ticket to investigate this a little deeper, but this is the first time we've seen this specific crash, so it could also be down to simple corruption during the update.

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