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READ FIRST: How to Report a Problem with a Workflow

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When facing an issue with a workflow made by someone else, the most effective way to get help is to search for its forum thread and ask there. If the workflow is not available on the forum, try to remember where you installed it from (likely GitHub) and asking there instead. Workflows on the Alfred Gallery include these links (when available) on the page.

How you ask is even more important than where. Diagnosing software issues is similar to detecting mechanical or health problems: it requires thorough information. If your query consists of “help” or “it doesn’t work”, it is impossible to provide assistance. At a minimum, your post should include:

  • How you ran the workflow.
  • The output from the debugger.
  • Your installed versions of the workflow, Alfred, and macOS. Be precise, don’t say “latest”.

More information is always welcome. It may make the difference between you getting a resolution straight away or having to spend days in lengthy back-and-forth as the developer asks for all necessary details. Help us help you!

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