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Activation Error: This is an Alfred 3 license

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Hi, i got a new mac and want to use with my license I purchased before few years ago, but get:


Activation Error:
This is an Alfred 3 license.

Click the 'Upgrade' button to visit alfredapp.com to see your options.




how can I disable all potentials macs (I don't remember who and where it can be used) not to use with my license? Please help


PS: I tried to look into forum, but didn't succeeded, so sorry If I missed this :(

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yes, and the suggestion is to purchase for 5 users, but I already have license for 3 users and it seems like Alfred counts number of used macs. So, again, how can I be sure only 1 license is going to be used by me

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Hi there, I just replied to your email with more details, but for anybody reading this:


The number refers to the version of Alfred, so Alfred 3 is Alfred version 3, and Alfred 5 is the current version 5 of Alfred.




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