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Need some suggestions on how to tidy my app switching workflow

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Question: Is there any better way to invoke the confirmation sound - just so the workflow looks a bit more tidy?

Backstory: I created a workflow to use as an app switcher. I wanted it to play a sound when I pressed the hotkey because sometimes it takes the computer a while to activate the app and I just needed to have an audible cue so I knew the workflow was played.

Here's what my workflow looks like:




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Well you could certainly tidy it using the Junction Utility. Here's an example of what I mean (missing the final links…but you'll see what I mean):



(Obviously you wouldn't need the last Junction in each chain and would replace it with the Launch Apps/Files action.) Someone else may well come up with a better idea but I think that would work.


In passing, the Junction Utility is useful when you need to tidy a workflow.



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11 hours ago, sepulchra said:

You could use the "Post Notification" object instead.

I looked at Post Notification but i'm not seeing a way to trigger it without actually connecting something to it. Is there a way to do that?

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