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Random features do not work in mini music player

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Hello - when using the music Mini Player, I am unable to launch any playlist that contains the word 'Random' - i.e. if I select 'Random Album' on the main page nothing happens)


I am able to directly play tracks, albums and artists. The only feature that doesn't seem to work is randomized lists.



Note - the randomized album art loads and switches between different albums when hovering over a randomized list (see attached screenshot).



I am using a 2020 m1 MacBook Air.




Screenshot 2024-02-18 at 2.56.36 PM.png

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@mpusch Welcome to the forum :)


Could you please let us know:

  • Version of Alfred
  • Version of macOS
  • Whether you have locally-stored music, an Apple Music subscription, etc?
  • If you open the Music app in the background, do you see the new track appear at the top of the player, but it just doesn't start to play?

If you can provide as much details as possible (e.g. did this work previously? Has it changed recently, perhaps after a macOS upgrade?), we'll help you get to the bottom of this. 



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Hey, here is my info:


Alfred Version: 5.1.4 [2195]

macOS Version: Sonoma 14.3.1


Music is all locally stored, with no Apple Music sub.


Selecting the random lists does not appear to select a song in the Music app.


I have never had this feature working, but have only tried with this MacBook and macOS version.



Thank you!

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@mpusch Could you please paste this path into Alfred and take a look at the iTunes.alfdb? Is the last modified date current?




Next, please open Alfred's preferences to Features > Music > Advanced and click "Reset Music Library". Pop up the Mini Player and try using Random once again.


If the issue persists, could you please send your iTunes.alfdb and your Diagnostics to our info@ address, including a reference link back to this thread for context? You can get your Diagnostics file by typing "?diagnostics" into Alfred and choosing "Export Diagnostics...". 



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@mpusch Thanks for sending the Diagnostics and iTunes.alfdb through.


We've had a look at everything you've provided, and I can't work out why random albums wouldn't be working for you. I have the same configuration and everything seems to be working normally on our various test Macs. 


Could you try quitting Alfred, deleting the iTunes.alfdb file manually then relaunching and rebuilding? This will help ensure the database is definitely being rebuilt, just on the off-chance that there are permissions issues on your Mac.


Is there anything else in iTunes or the Mini Player exhibiting unusual behaviour? I can't think of anything else to check at this point. 

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