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beta 5.5 text view bugs


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A. cant continue search in alfred after using text view


1. hot key to open script filter

2. hit ctrl-enter to view result in text view (which uses a script)

3. esc to get back to main results. trying other results' text view work, but if you try to edit your search query like "apple" to "apples" then it will break:
[22:00:22.892] ERROR: XXX[Script Filter] Code 1: XXX/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Scripts/XXX: execution error: Error: Error: exception raised by object: *** +[NSString stringWithUTF8String:]: NULL cString (-2700)

4. not results are shown, so i can hit escape, and start from 1) to try my "apples" query


B. text view scroll to end doesn't actually scroll it to end for some. it seems to go about 90% of the way down only. i am basically just pasting a text blob from a text file using a script to remove some start and end parts

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  • Andrew changed the title to beta 5.5 text view bugs

Could you share the workflows you’re using? I see script errors in there and B seems to be referring to the JSON format. Without seeing what you’re truly doing it’s very hard to diagnose.


I may also help if you share a short video of the events, with the debugger open at the time.

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