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How do I disable all AI features?

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I do not want these. I do not want any of my data being sent out to companies whose business is based on massive theft and actively legislating to avoid any responsibility. How do I make sure these new features are never, ever run? Is there a hidden plugin I can delete with extreme prejudice?


For now I have quit Alfred and am going back to Quicksilver. Which I might end up doing permanently now that I see the display bug that drove me to Alfred in the first place is fixed.

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Alfred does not use AI unless and until you download and install a workflow designed to use AI (for example, the chatGPT workflow). When I refer to "AI” I mean the external companies to which you refer,. Of course, Alfred has his own intelligence. 😀



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@Egypt Urnash There are no ChatGPT features by default. Our users privacy remains our highest priority, as it always has been.


The ChatGPT workflow is totally optional and self-contained, i.e. you need to install it from our gallery. If you haven't installed this, then Alfred doesn't even have knowledge of this service.


Alfred does not collect or send your data anywhere, unless you specifically and intentionally install a workflow to communicate with a service of your choosing, such as ChatGPT / OpenAI.


Hope that helps clear things up!






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