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Create a long list of snippets and use fuzzy matching to search them

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Hi All


I need help looking for a workflow or creating one. (Or some advanced help with Snippets)


I have a long list of accounting categories and codes that I cannot memorise.

I would like to search and view the list quickly in alfred and for it to give suggestions.


So say I can remember the vague category, I could type "Design" or "Software".

Then I would like Alfred to show me the list of codes and categories that have that those terms.


The list is really long, so it would be tedious to input the whole thing in to Snippets with the + icon method.

If I could add an spreadsheet type list and then have Alfred search that, that would be great.


I'd also like to be able to select and paste the snippet into the document.






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On 4/13/2024 at 12:17 PM, vitor said:

Instead of Snippets, you’re looking for a List Filter Input (you can load a CSV into it) connected to a Copy to Clipboard Output.


See the Getting Started Guide for an interactive tutorial on making a workflow.


Thanks for this - I look forward to trying it out.


At first glance it seems that I would need to add the search term for each item in the list. What I'm hoping to build is a workflow where I could search, say, "design" then anything with that in the name will show as an option and I can choose that one.

Does List Filter Input allow for that?


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