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AccountChanger - switch between AppleID's in iTunes and Mac App Store


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If you use more than one AppleID in iTunes App Store or Mac App Store, this is the extension for you.


All you have to do is to press a keyboard shortcut when you want to switch account, this brings up a dialog window with all your AppleID's listed. Then you choose the account you would like to log in to, and press enter.


Only works on Mac OS X with English and Norwegian language - but it also work in both iTunes and Mac App Store! If you want your OS language supported, give me a hint..




For AccountChanger to funtion like supposed to, you have to do some preparations first.


1. Download and mount http://cl.ly/YKQF'>AccountChanger.zip 


2. Run the applescript application with the name "Run this first!!!"


This Applescript will Install and launch UsableKeychainScripting (needed to use Applescript with Keychain Access after Mac OS 10.7), and add it to the startup items.


3. Open Keychain Access (/Applications/Utilities/)


4a. Make a new keychain by pressing the following keyboard shortcut: Command + Alt + N



4b. Give the keychain a master password and remember it.




4c. Give the new keychain the name 'Applescript', and drag it to the top of the listed keychains, in the upper left corner of the window (like in the screenshot below).






5. For each AppleID you want to use, make one 'New password item' (Command+N). Each of the entries must be named 'eple'. In the 'Account' field, enter your AppleID (email address). And of course - the password in the password field.



6. Add the Alfred workflow from the mounted image 'AccountChanger.dmg', and add a keyboard shortcut.




Congratulations! The workflow should work now...



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