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Restore deleted Alfred 2 workflow from Time Machine backup

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Hi all,

I accidentally deleted a workflow I was working on. Is it possible to restore it from Time Machine? Which file / In which folder should I look for?


Thank you,



If you don't have syncing setup, it's in your home folder:


~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/Workflows/


You can get to this folder quickly by selecting a workflow in Alfred's preferences, right click and select "Show in Finder", then go up one folder :)

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Hi, same thing here, except that I don't have Time Machine enabled, and I use Dropbox syncing ;(

I don't see my workflow in the trashcan, nor in my dropbox... Anything else I can do?


EDIT : Ok, found it myself : Fortunately, Dropbox has a feature to restore deleted folders and files. It's accessible in the web interface.

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