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BBPaste -- create a new BBEdit document from the pasteboard contents

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I often cut/copy a bunch of text, then switch to BBEdit, then create a new document, then paste the text.


I realized today that this is stupid and inefficient, when all I really need to do it


pbpaste | bbedit


so I created an Alfred workflow that does just that.






To use this you'll need BBEdit installed, obviously, but also the bbedit command line tool. If you purchased BBEdit from the Mac App Store, you will have to download and install them from here:



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Here's my version (the bash script anyway)


pbpaste | /usr/local/bin/bbedit --clean --view-top

It gives a more Drafts-like experience by using the --clean option - you can just close the window when you're done and forget about it, no messing around with filenames.

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I had actually done that with a similar utility that I use in Terminal, but found that I preferred having an actual temporary file to BBEdit's "sort of / kind of" temporary file. It also means that if I find that I want to retrieve something from a recently-closed temp file, I can usually find it.


But it's good to have options.


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