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Ok, so I can't yet post the complete workflow because my batteries are dying (Mac and me both) but here's a little teaser http://cl.ly/M8Vf


The workflow pulls each apps icon from the itunes store as well as the link. Then it forms a proper affiliate link and copies it to clipboard.


Tomorrow I'll post the complete workflow... Just couldn't go to bed without joining in on the fun ;)


NIght all


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OK guys, here it is http://bit.ly/ZLIb4H


Still very much in draft stages and need a ton of improvement. It's speed is limited to that of app store search so at times it's a little slow. In the coming days I'll look into improving that (some sort of cache)



Let me know what you think and what can be improved.


Much thanks to Dan Palmer for his extension, it paved the way (my previous code was way more inelegant)

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OK, This is woefully slow. I've been looking into caching methods but still results are slow. Since I'm rather new to python, progress will also be slower than I'd like, but I'm making some headway ;)


PS. Any pythonistas out there wanna lend a hand and look at my code?


PPS. Health Advisory Warning: The code is amateur, possibly filled with bugs and not very optimised. It could potentially harm your eyes so view at your own peril ;)

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Hey Guys,


Two small but useful updates to the workflow.


1. The workflow now uses requests and requests_cache so install those dependencies first (easy_intall or pip, your choice). This has improved the speed a little but still a work in progress;

2. Now you can see an apps price in the subtitle. Perfect for quickly checking since it's rather cumbersome to do so via App Store.


Get the update here: http://bit.ly/13v9tRE


Open to further suggestions too ;)

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As I was asking, would be nice to have possiblity to easly change iTunes Store/MAS country and eventually to get rid of affiliated link leaving just direct link to the store.


Anyway, thanks for such great workflow!

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