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Paste but don't re-order clipboard

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A third request!!!


Here is why:


  • When updating the events list on my corporate web site, I begin by copying the title and URL of each page I will link to.  
  • I do the same thing when writing blog posts.
  • Because the clips are re-sequenced with each paste, putting them into the page I am building becomes confusing.  
  • With two clips for each link (title and URL) its easy to mix them up.  Add that there may be 8 links (16 clips)...you get the idea.


PLEASE CONSIDER:  Add an option "Paste does not change order of Clipboard History"

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I actually have a note to look into making pasted items from Alfred transient which means that Alfred's clipboard history (and other clip histories) would ignore the text copied back into the history from Alfred's clip history, therefore maintaining order.


This needs a bit of analysis to see if it breaks any behaviour, but it may make it into v3 :)

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