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Google Images Search Broken URL


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I think the URL for the Google Images search is broken. All the other search ones that I've tried work.


  1. I type "images test"
  2. Alfred send me to "https://images.google.com/images?q=test"
  3. I get a 404: "The requested URL /images was not found on this server."

So, the URL probably just needs to be switched out.


OS X 10.8.5; Alfred v2.0.9(214)




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Still happening for me... So, then it's a real puzzle if it's working for you when it's not working for me.


Damn. I thought that it would be a quick fix.


My setup probably has some other quirky-something-or-another going on then. I'll look more into it on my end.


Maybe it's a Chrome thing (are you using Chrome?), or maybe it's a Chrome app that I installed. That might make sense.

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