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New Document Workflow

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I have just created my first workflow. It is based on a workflow called "New File" that I found here, but it's a little more advanced.


For starters, it creates the file in the active finder window, or if none is active, on the desktop. And secondly, it is possible to have a number of templates available to create blank documents for Pages, Keynote, Numbers, etc...


Download here.


Type "New filename.extension" to create and open a document in the current Finder window. If no Finder window is active, the document will be created in the Desktop folder.


Type "Create filename.extension" to create, but not open, the document.


Multiple documents can be created by separating them via a comma, like so: "Create document.pages, spreadsheet.numbers, ..."

Default (blank) documents are provided for the following formats: 
- Pages (.pages)
- Numbers (.numbers)
- Keynote (.key)
- Microsoft Word (.docx)
- Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
- Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt)
- Pixelmator (.pxm)
- TextEditor (.rtf)
You can add to or override these default documents by creating a folder named "Defaults" in your own Documents folder (/Users/username/Documents/Defaults). 
The document should be named "default.ext".

As this is my first workflow, feedback is much appreciated.

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@Vitor - thanks, I have implemented your suggestion. The default extension is now .txt


I also added another feature, namely you can now create multiple documents simultaneously - simply separate each file with a comma.


Lastly, the default document types are now included in the workflow itself. You can still override these by creating your own in /Users/username/Documents/Defaults


Download here.

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I just found out that this workflow doesn't work if you use brackets () in the filename. I get this error in debug mode:

[2017-01-30 12:59:29][ERROR: action.script] 15:16: syntax error: Expected “"” but found unknown token. (-2741)

It's definitely a minor issue, and not necessary. But if somebody knows what's going on, I'd like to fix it if I can. 


Thanks :)

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