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  1. As you requested, the thread has been revived and you are reminded ;-)
  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for the explanation. Nevertheless, for website API's that are slow to respond, and with a large search query, you are looking at a lot of lag. It seems that the script that handled the previous query should be killed instead of waiting for it's response, before then handling the next query, and the possible next query. Or as I said, some workflow preference to only handle the input after enter has been pressed.
  3. Is there any way to know within a script that the user is still typing, or another query has already been sent to the script? The problem is that some scripts connect to a website api and this causes a significant lag with all the requests being sent for every keystroke. Or is there some way to only send the input to the script when enter is pressed or no keys have been pressed in 1 second? (per script configurable) Thanks.
  4. This is a great workflow, thanks. The only issue I have is that it's a bit slow to load, especially when typing the results often come late and take multiple seconds to load what you really wanted results for. Any way to speed this up?
  5. For some reason I get access denied errors (when sniffing the http response from json). Is this because the API is being sniffed too fast?
  6. Is it in any way possible to have totalterminal open instead of a new normal Terminal window when you do something like this: tell application "Terminal" activate do script "cd " & finderPath end tell
  7. Does not seem to work for me. I get 4 dialogs asking me for "where is microsoft word / excel / powerpoint / iterm". I have none of these apps (I use the apple equivalents).
  8. Works for me on Mavericks for everything but Finder windows..
  9. Hi, thanks for your help! It worked after a restart. However, I have a saved search that looks for movies in a specific directory, but when I use your alfred workflow, it returns movies from anywhere on the disk. What would cause that?
  10. Doesn't seem to do anything for me (just downloaded the latest version) - it only shows the default google / amazon / wikipedia search result links.
  11. @Vitor - thanks, I have implemented your suggestion. The default extension is now .txt I also added another feature, namely you can now create multiple documents simultaneously - simply separate each file with a comma. Lastly, the default document types are now included in the workflow itself. You can still override these by creating your own in /Users/username/Documents/Defaults Download here.
  12. Never mind, instead of using the NSApplescript action I needed to run a script action instead, so it's run in the background and not on the main thread. Thx!
  13. Thanks for your reply. That seems to return the path to Alfred.app - what I need is the path to the director you get when you right click on a workflow in alfred preferences and show choose in finder ("user.workflow.xxx") - I need to access files from that directory in my applescript.
  14. How exactly can an applescript find it's own workflow folder? I tried: set workflowFolder to do shell script "pwd" but this just returns "/" I need my workflow folder to access files via applescript.
  15. I have just created my first workflow. It is based on a workflow called "New File" that I found here, but it's a little more advanced. For starters, it creates the file in the active finder window, or if none is active, on the desktop. And secondly, it is possible to have a number of templates available to create blank documents for Pages, Keynote, Numbers, etc... Download here. Type "New filename.extension" to create and open a document in the current Finder window. If no Finder window is active, the document will be created in the Desktop folder. Type "Create filename.extension" to create, but not open, the document. Multiple documents can be created by separating them via a comma, like so: "Create document.pages, spreadsheet.numbers, ..." Default (blank) documents are provided for the following formats: - Pages (.pages) - Numbers (.numbers) - Keynote (.key) - Microsoft Word (.docx) - Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) - Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt) - Pixelmator (.pxm) - TextEditor (.rtf) You can add to or override these default documents by creating a folder named "Defaults" in your own Documents folder (/Users/username/Documents/Defaults). The document should be named "default.ext". -- As this is my first workflow, feedback is much appreciated.
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