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Find workflow folder with applescript

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How exactly can an applescript find it's own workflow folder? 


I tried: set workflowFolder to do shell script "pwd" but this just returns "/"

I need my workflow folder to access files via applescript.
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Thanks for your reply. That seems to return the path to Alfred.app - what I need is the path to the director you get when you right click on a workflow in alfred preferences and show choose in finder ("user.workflow.xxx") - I need to access files from that directory in my applescript. 

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Does the AppleScript reside in the workflow directory? If so, a quick google seems to indicate that this would work.

set path to (path to me as string)



FYI, this only works if the script is in an actual file. If you've pasted your script in the Script box, then there isn't a file, so there can't be a path to it.

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