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Sleep Display command

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Sleeping the Mac display is the fastest way to lock a machine if a password is set. Unlike switching to the login window (Alfred’s default strategy when using the lock command), all your apps keep running, enabling continuous operation of tools like DropboxHazel or EventScripts, and even quasi-magical unlocking with Knock (if that’s your thing). On a machine whose keyboard has an Eject key, Ctrl+Shift+Eject will do the trick, but on those without, only hot corners are available.


Sleep Display complements the inbuilt options by adding an Alfred keyword (sleepdisplay by default, though I prefer to disable standard locking and use lock) and an optional keyboard shortcut (unset by default). No more, no less.


Grab it here, or go to the repo here.



  • version 1.0.1 – fixed hotkey bringing up Alfred


NB: Mavericks only, as it uses a tool compiled with the 10.9 SDK.

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Great workflow, thanks!


One side note, I think the box for the hotkey should be positioned as in the image below.

The way it is now it still brings up alfred and you have to hit return after pressing the hotkey.



 Absolutely. Brainfart of mine, corrected. Re-download or update via Alleyoop.

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Great workflow, thanks kopischke!  :)


One question though, is it possible to adjust the workflow to sleep only one of multiple displays?  :huh:


Thing is, I have three displays hooked up my MacPro and I'd love to be able to sleep only one (or probable two) of those three displays using Alfred and your workflow.


Thanks again,


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