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  1. Version 2.1 relased which now isn't dependant of httparty gem so no extra installation required. Latest version available in the github link in the first post.
  2. Version 2.0 released which uses the new song.link api to get direct links to different platforms. Latest version available via the links in the first post.
  3. Version 1.1 release which now handles when no search results are found. Download link in first post still valid.
  4. Search and display prices for Nintendo Switch games in the European (including South Africa) region. Shows prices (both regular and discounted) in different currencies and links to different countries game web sites. Configuration instructions on GitHub and in the settings in the workflow. Download latest release from GitHub. Requires HTTParty gem file. Install it by running "sudo gem install httparty" in the terminal.
  5. I too would like to be able to show more than 9 results.
  6. Share music links the right way with your friends. With song.link it doesn't matter which music service your friends are using. When you share a song or album and if your friends (or enemies) are using another music service than you, they'll get a function link to their service. You'll find the latest relase at github. Happy music link sharing. /Lari Edit: Removed packal.org link.
  7. And on a machine without an Eject key. You can press Ctrl-Shift-Power which does the same trick.
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