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Recent Downloads Workflow

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This workflow shows the contents of the downloads folder, sorted using file meta-data so that the sort is exactly the same as the "Date Added" sort on the Downloads folder (This sort is often the same as the last modified time, but is not always.) It provides a convent way to view the most recently downloaded files and you can scroll through them all or type part of the name of a file to find a specific one.


Click here to download.

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You have compiled a hit with this one! No it's not as informative or comes out of the box providing users with lots or any configs as recent downloads by ddjfreedom does but it is capable of taking on arguments or follow-up scripts and is much faster and more accurate. Clinton Strong made the afformentioned workflow 100% faster and added  awesome enhancements like % complete for safari downloads. However, if I had to choose one workflow and never receive another update, yours wins no question. I know this workflow is never breaking down which is half/all my fault for not being capable of fixing ruby scripts.


I had to get that out there and scold everyone who has downloaded this and not posted a quick thanks or tapped the button. We wonder why so many great scripters have gotten fed up with fixing scripts and sharing new creations with this board... SWC, I am going to check out your other workflows in a moment and keep a backup of this script filter for safe keeping. 



By the way, would you consider creating a github repository of all your workflows since the number is staggering? If you prefer not would you care if I did and simply had you email updates or new workflows to be posted? Don't get discouraged by the lack of appreciation, we are a very spoiled group here and it's going to bite us in the ass even more than it already has.

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I don't care if you put them in a git hub. I only create a workflow when it meets a personal need though so I won't be prolific with creating new workflows. I created several of them at once when I transitioned to Alfred 2 so it's why it seems so prolific in the last few months. In other words, don't expect a lot of development on them unless I find something new I need, but thanks so much for the not elf appreciation.

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