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There are frivolous workflows, and then there's this.


There is one command that takes one of two arguments: "roll safari" or "roll chrome". And it makes the front tab do a mother-f'in barrel roll. Impress your friends. Get back your boss's respect.


Yes, I said frivolous.


Download from Github.


You can roll each page only once. If you want to roll it again, then refresh first.


Here's this post rolling like a champ!






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I feel silly posting about this, but FYI I had to remove the chrome option for this to work (if I try running the applescript in my editor I get "Expected end of line, etc., but found "front"" error for the line "execute front window's active tab javascript theScript")


Thank you for this. I <3 it.

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Strange. Maybe it's just a quirk with different versions of Applescript. This line might work better:

execute active tab of window 1 javascript theScript

I pushed an update to github with the line replaced.


I'm glad you like it. I felt silly writing it and posting it.

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