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iTunesPlaybackControl - Set repeat and shuffle for iTunes 11

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I wrapped two Applescripts I found on Stackoverflow in an Alfred Workflow to easily set the shuffle and repeat modes for iTunes 11. This is my first workflow, so let me know if something doesn't work properly.





repeat one

repeat all

repeat off



shuffle song

shuffle album

shuffle group

shuffle off





Thanks to regulus6633 for providing his scripts.



Download here

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Looks cool, definitely something that was missing here.

If I may, it'd be cool if you didn't have to type the option (one, all, off for repeat) but could just select from list.

Also it'd be cool to get the itunes icon here (you never know what other workflows might respond to repeat and shuffle keywords), and just add the shuffle or repeat symbols as regular characters (http://character-code.com/arrows-html-codes.php).


Here are some useful arrows : ↝⤳↬⇝⇴⤼↺⟲⥀ (you can find them on ctrl+cmd+space) Screen%20Shot%202013-12-09%20at%203.21.3I tested, they work with alfred.

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