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As a note, it would be nice/kind if I could type "users" into alfred and it would pop up the accounts preferences as an option (since that's related to users).




Hi Roger,


Typing "Users" should indeed show Users & Accounts from System Preferences. If you don't see this, first check that you've kept "Preferences" checked under Features > Default Results > Essentials. If you have, it's likely that the metadata on your Mac is missing for that system pref.


Go to Alfred's Advanced tab and click "Rebuild OS X Metadata" - This can take up to an hour, but will ensure that OS X's index is up to date, so that it can provide the right results to Alfred.


In the future, if any files aren't found, you can use this troubleshooting page for useful steps:





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Ok thanks for the tips!

After rebuilding the index and making sure that all the "essentials" were check-boxed, same result behavior.

I think what's causing it is (at least for me, 10.6.8) that in system -> preferences it is named just "accounts" so when I search for accounts, I see this:

http://twitpic.com/dq74kc (sorry, there was seemingly no easy image upload feature in this forum?)

and when I search for user, I see this:



(of course, whenever I want to edited a user, I search for user, then have to remember "oh yeah, it's called something else" so I guess something like hints would help in this case).

Cheers and best wishes!


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