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Option to hide icons in results

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I am just discovering all possibilities of Alfred but one thing I would really like seems to be missing: an option to hide the icons from the search results. What I am talking about are the icons in the "magnifying glass" in the picture below. I am sure that many people would find this an unuseful feature but it seems like a simple feature that I (and maybe others) would very much enjoy..



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The icon is similar to the subtext: it provides extra information, complementing the result's main text. For this reason, I think icons should be optional.


I personally use subtitles and wouldn't turn icons off, but it should be an available choice.

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hi guys, sorry to bring this topic from the dead but I was wondering if anything happened to this feature? I would love to see this implemented or a way to do it myself. I like a more unified and simple design and having so many different icons is just not doing it for me. 

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