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Allow "quick look" for Dictionary


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Alfred's built-in dictionary is great, but often the subtext area is too small to be able to read the full definition. It would be fantastic if you could quick-look the result (just press Shift) and then it would show a small popup that showed the full definition, either like the quick look for a text file or like Alfred's large text overlay.

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Problem is, that dictionary is not Afred’s, it’s OS X’s, so unless the OS allows you to do that (I do not think it does), then it cannot be accomplished, at least without implementing some workaround (saving the definition to a text file and using quicklook on that, for example).

That said, the difference between pressing ⇧ to see the definition and then ⎋ to close, and pressing ↩ to open it and then ⌘+Q to close the dictionary app (as it works now), is not much (specially if the workaround would make this slower). I’m pointing this out because the dictionary app also allows you access to more information (like wikipedia, and a thesaurus), and the amount of work being the same, this approach seems superior.

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