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  1. Wow, this workflow is amazing. I switched to Alfred (from Quicksilver!) back in 2015, mainly because I saw the potential for using it with DTPO. None of the Alfred/DTPO workflows available then satisfied me, I couldn't figure out how to make one myself, and I eventually gave up on linking my two favorite apps. What you've made is exactly what I've wanted all these years. Thank you!! (And thanks also for the Keyboard Maestro macro, which is a great way to keep the cache updated.)
  2. Seems I had accidentally turned off "automatically check for updates". Now that I'm on 3.3.1, this is working beautifully. Thank you again!
  3. Oh, that's right! So easy. Thank you for the helpful response. Some follow-up feedback: I have Advanced > Apps Matching set to "Full fuzzy match from word boundary". But this setting seems not to apply when I'm searching for an app via the "Open With" action. So for example, I can open PDFpen with "pp" in Alfred's normal search pane. But if select a PDF, hit alf+f, and choose "Open With", I'm not able to select PDFpen from the list by typing "pp". Furthermore, searching *within* Alfred's action panel doesn't work as I expect it to: I keep trying to select "Open With" by typing "ow", but that's also not allowed. (I actually think that my confusion over how to search the action panel and the resultant lists is why I turned off the "File Selection" action long ago, forgot about it, and had to ask here in the forums.)
  4. I'd like to ask for help accomplishing the following: 1. select a file in Finder 2. trigger Alfred 3. search for the app I wish to open that file with 4. open that file with that app Is this possible? (I've searched the forums for "open with", which is the command I used to use in Quicksilver to accomplish this. I found ways to set up workflows to open a specific file type with a specific application. But that's not what I want. I want a more flexible way to, on the fly, search for the application I want to use with the currently selected file. Basically I am looking for a way to access, through Alfred, the functionality of the Finder's "open with" contextual menu item.) Thank you!
  5. I'd love a workflow that just searches for groups and/or tags in DEVONthink. Does anyone know if this might be possible? Any hints on how I might build such a workflow? Thanks for any input!
  6. Hi Andrew, Thanks for the tips and explanations. They help me understand a little better how Alfred works. I upped the File Search results to 40, and forced a full low level reindex, but "n" still did not return the bookmark I'm looking for. So then I deleted and re-saved the bookmark, and now it shows up as expected, and is back to the default for "n". That's nice! Not sure what may have gone wrong with the original bookmark. Enabling "Touch folders after opening them" seems to have fixed the sorting issue of my Applications folders. Thanks again, and happy 6th birthday to Alfred! Devin
  7. Hello. I'm using Alfred v2.2.2 (432), Mac OS 10.11.3. I have been having issues with the order of results. Below are two examples, which I am putting in the same bug report with the assumption that they are closely related. 1) I have my preferences set to include Bookmarks in the Default Results. When I invoke Alfred and type "n", I always want the first result to be a bookmark titled "New York Times". Most of the time Alfred remembers this. But sometimes he forgets. Usually when he forgets, I can find this bookmark by typing a bit more of its title ("new") and selecting it; I'll then invoke Alfred again and type a little less of the title ("ne") and select it again; and finally, at this point, typing "n" will usually remind Alfred that I want "New York Times" at the top of the list. First: I'm not sure why this should ever be necessary. I never type "n" and then select any result other than "New York Times", so it doesn't make sense to me that Alfred should ever forget to put "New York Times" at the top of the results list. Second: These past couple days I've been unable to re-teach Alfred to put this bookmark at the top of the list. I've tried to re-train Alfred as described above. As a result, "New York Times" again appears at the top when I type "new" or "ne". But when I type "n", the bookmark is nowhere to be found in the list! What's going on? (Note: some other bookmarks do appear in the list, just not the single one I want.) 2) The order of results is even less predictable when it comes to searching for files or folders. For example, I often want to open my "/Applications/" folder by typing "[space] a" (or "ap" or "app"). But Alfred very often puts "~/Applications/" rather than "/Applications/" at the top of the results list -- even though I never want to open my user application folder. So, if I've only ever selected the "~/Applications/" folder via Alfred by accident, and if I've very often arrowed down to the "/Applications/" folder in an attempt to teach it that that's the folder I want, then why hasn't Alfred learned by now to show me "/Applications/" at the top of the list every time? I realize that I could create custom workflows for the above cases. But there are other cases too, and it gets tedious making a workflow for every one. And why should I need to do this when, according to your website, "Alfred learns how you use your Mac and prioritises results when you type"? I'd appreciate some help. Thank you.
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