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Well, it works as is for me, no one ever comments on any of my workflow except to criticize the execution of it and not ever report real bugs. I also figure that anyone who really wanted it might like the full abilities of it installed and not just a simple lookup for browsing utility. If it is installed as a Service, then it can generate markdown links and references. That would not work as well in Alfred. I was just simply porting what Brett did for LaunchBar. Ask him why he did it that way!

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Thanks for doing this @raguay.customct -- tremendously helpful as I am purely an Alfred user (found it before hearing of Launchbar fwiw). 


This and the incredible body of work you have contributed to Alfred is immensely generous and I can't help but (try to) imagine the mountains of keystrokes your extensions have saved when look at in aggregate. As reducing keystrokes has been the underpinning of much of my career (and success), you have my utmost respect and again, gratitude.


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