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Ability to specify a file path for file filters


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The file filter uses Spotlight for searching for the file filter query. It would be nice to be able to enter paths and get completion support, e.g.:


'upload <some filename I hope was indexed by Spotlight'




'upload ~/Desktop/<get completion support for files and directories in ~/Desktop'

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You could use a File Action instead of File Filter and then use it like this:


'~/Desktop/a_file.txt upload'


(Use file navigation to find the file and then use your File Action)


Yep, and I do this already. If I'm focused on the file that works fine, but if I'm focused on the action I can't do it the opposite way.

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I can understand your wanting it but I don't understand the, being focused on the file or the action explanation. What you're asking for could still essentially be done using the File Navigation feature. Pop up Alfred, type ~/Desktop/etc.. and it allows you to complete the file path and names and such and then just use an "Upload" action, same as Jonas suggested

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