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  1. I'm using OneNote 15.36 on macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Snippets expand just fine in OneNote for me. However, in my Tweaking settings I have: ✔ Slow down simulated key events Restore clipboard contents: ✔ After Auto Expansion Restore after 0.5s --- The Slow Down tweak is required for some apps on my Mac (I'm looking at you, HipChat).
  2. Yes, it's very useful. I fire it up every so often (every month or two) and let it search for unused items. It can be over-enthusiastic so I tend to ignore much of what it suggests - like deleting unused language files from apps and removing iTunes artwork caches. That said, it provides a curated list for you to choose from including log files, broken login items, broken preferences, etc. Since I do software development I can end up with massive log files that I simply don't notice. I just recovered 10GB of space due to that.
  3. Yep, that fixed it. Please add a long-term feature request for application-specific tweaks.
  4. The snippet auto-expansion doesn't work correctly in HipChat (https://www.hipchat.com). For example, if I have a snippet (thx -> thanks), it expands into 'ththanks' in HipChat. Snippet expansion works as expected in other apps.
  5. This probably won't work either then, but you can give it a try: property newLine : (ASCII character 10) set results to "" set flag to true tell application "System Events" tell network preferences to set locs to every location repeat with loc in locs tell loc set vpns to every service repeat with vpn in vpns if flag is true then set flag to false else set results to results & newLine end if set vpnName to (the name of vpn) as string set results to results & vpnName set results to results & "|" & (kind of vpn) end repeat end tell end repeat end tell results
  6. 'Copy to clipboard' does exactly that, it copies selected text from the current app to the clipboard. What _you_ want, is the 'pbpaste' command line utility. Call that from Python to get the contents of the clipboard.
  7. It's not arbitrary. Hot keys are triggered while another app is active. So Alfred can copy selected text from the current app before Alfred grabs focus and displays it's input window. In comparison, keywords are entered into the Alfred input window while Alfred already has the focus so it can't trigger a copy on the _previous_ application. If you want to modify something _already on the clipboard_ instead of forcing a copy of what is currently selected, use the command line utility 'pbpaste' and modify the output of that command.
  8. That should work for private development, but what about distributing workflows? I don't know Go. Is there a way to build a static executable?
  9. Every app on OS/X uses the shortcut ⌘, (command-comma) to open the app's preferences.
  10. http://www.packal.org/workflow/menu-bar-search
  11. http://www.packal.org/workflow/menu-bar-search
  12. It still works with Alfred 3. It's likely you haven't enabled Accessibility for Alfred 3.
  13. https://github.com/ctwise/menudump
  14. These are fairly simple - https://github.com/ctwise/alfred-workflows
  15. I'm assuming you have a crap-load of bookmarks in Chrome. Safari has a similar problem but it's much, much worse. For Safari I intentionally ignore the bookmarks menu because it's extremely slow. Chrome didn't exhibit the same behavior with the same number of bookmarks as Safari. I'm guessing it gets a lot slower as the number of bookmarks increases.
  16. This doesn't help you in the slightest but it's working fine for me. If it's not working anywhere you need to make sure that Assistive Devices are enabled for Alfred in the Security settings.
  17. Nope, still works fine. Check your accessibility settings to make sure Alfred still has access.
  18. Applescript. Create an 'external' trigger in the workflow you're interested in. Give it some name and Alfred will show you the Applescript to run to invoke the trigger. Connect the trigger to whatever you want it to run in the workflow.
  19. I'm not saying this as a fanboy of VMWare, but simply as an observation. The interface to control VMWare is stable. It's used by both the personal client and the Enterprise server so it needs to be. If controlling your VMs is important to you, you might take that into consideration.
  20. http://www.packal.org/workflow/vpn-toggle
  21. Yes, the Funnel workflow - http://www.packal.org/workflow/funnel Select a block of text, trigger the workflow with the pipe character '|' a space, and then the filter you want to run against the text, e.g., case conversion, html encoding/decoding, markdown conversion, etc. You need to be using the very latest release of Alfred.
  22. 'ru' isn't a built-in command. If it was installed to one of the system library directories (/bin, /sbin, /usr/bin), then El Capitan moved it during install. You can find it in the migration directory (/Library/SystemMigration/History/Migration-(some UUID)/QuarantineRoot/). The Migration-(some UUID) directory will look something like this - Migration-6D079FB8-BCC2-4A28-B987-1FA2FE3ADE6. Move the 'ru' command into some safe location (/usr/local/bin, ~/bin, etc.) and make sure that the bin directory you chose is part of your PATH. Even if it's not, the workflow can still work, just provide the full path to the relocated 'ru' command.
  23. http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/7343-pasting-from-clipboad-history-viewer-doesnt-work-consistently-with-intellij/?hl=%2Bjava+%2Bclipboard#entry38988
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