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Make Workflows versions easily accessible.

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In short, accessing workflows versions easily would be a great time-saver.


1°) When a workflow you use every day doesn't work anymore. It would help answer the questions "Do I have the latest version available? Does the version I have conflict with my OS, ..."

2°) Easier feedback to the workflow developer. So many times, one of the first questions of the developer is "Do you use the latest version of the workflow?/please update, reinstall it".

3°) Spare the time reinstalling a workflow when you already have the latest version available. 


Readme files are too often blank. One could add a form after the Bundle Id form.

What do you think? 

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It would definitely be handy to have a "version" entry in info.plist (or wherever).


The problem is, workflow authors are not exactly great at remembering to change the version number of their workflows when they update them. This has caused numerous problems with Packal (and is something I've done many times, and even Shawn has ballsed up in this regard).


Speaking from experience, version numbers won't be updated consistently by developers due to laziness/forgetfulness/the desire to hide a silly bug, unless it's enforced.

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