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List, filter and activate network locations from within Alfred

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View and change your network location from Alfred.


Download the workflow from Packal or GitHub.


  • netloc [<query>] — Show list of network locations filtered by <query> if one is specified
  • — Activate selected network location
  • ⌘+↩ — Open Network Preferences

Note: You will probably be asked to enter your password to change the network location.

This workflow is released under the MIT Licence.

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@deanishe This is very useful as I'm always changing between network locations.  I noticed that you're using the networksetup command to change locations.  I've found that if you use the "scselect <location name>" command instead of "networksetup -switchtolocation <location name>" to change locations, it doesn't throw up that annoying password prompt.  Perhaps consider modifying your python script to use the "scselect" command to change locations.



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@deanishe looks like macos 12.3 has killed your very useful workflow. I run it now in debug and get:


[13:58:07.700] Logging Started...
[13:58:43.347] Network Location[[Script Filter](alfredpreferences:workflows%3Eworkflow%3Euser.workflow.9298)] Queuing argument ''
[13:58:43.361] Network Location[[Script Filter](alfredpreferences:workflows%3Eworkflow%3Euser.workflow.9298....)] Script with argv '' finished
[13:58:43.364] ERROR: Network Location[[Script Filter](alfredpreferences:workflows%3Eworkflow%3Euser.workflow.929...)] Code 127: /Users/xxxxxx/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Scripts/F98...:1: command not found: python

I have python 3 (via Anaconda) on my machine, and the command "python" is defined. Maybe a python 2 versus 3 issue? Do you have time to fix it?

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