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Mailbox workflow?

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I'm not so good on scripting.

Is it possible to create a workflow like this for Mailbox?



anyone can help me please?



It seems Mailbox does not support AppleScript.


Carlos is right. Mailbox doesn't currently have AppleScript support. I thought you may be able to fake a way into it by sending key presses but Cmd+F doesn't seem to activate Find. Even though it SAYS Cmd+Shift+F does forward.. pressing Cmd+F forwards the currently selected message. Perhaps the Mailbox team will get this resolved. I'll get in touch with someone to make sure they are aware of it :)

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I tried Cmd+Opt+F earlier but thought it didn't work for search because it gave no visual indicator that the search box was focused so I thought it didn't work. Nice work


Thanks! Yeah, if you hold Cmd many of the icons in the app display the remaining keystrokes required to activate that function. Discovered it by fluke. Great UX detail.

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